Gordon Road

Originally known as School Lane, then later School Road as it became more urban.

There was a farm at the western end of the road, which became an extension of it before the 20th Century.

The school which had leant its name to the road was originally on the site of houses 3-8, having closed in the 1950s. Colenso Road and Derlyn Road were built at the start of the 20th Century, and Grove Road was built in stages following the western extension. Colenso Road was bombed in 1942, and a row of flats sits in place of the damaged houses.

At the junction with Colenso Road stood a convenience/sweet shop run by Mr & Mrs Adams, and opposite was C&D's Surplus - an army surplus store, previously a fruit and veg shop with wooden floorboards run by an older disabled lady called Kate Farley. Opposite Derlyn Road was another convenience store run by a Mr Robinson. Gordon Stores was also in this road.

In the 1920s New Road was built as one square of allotment gardens were sold off, and in the 1940s the corner of Derlyn Road was built. At the same time, another western extension of Gordon Road was built (from the bend to the end of the road), the first part of Leigh Road was built over more allotment gardens, as far as the bend in the road at the end of the terraces. Room was left for Arundel Drive, which arrived in 1967. The alleyway through to Station Roundabout was built when some of the depots and service yards around Fareham rail station were sold off.