Maylings Farm and Miller Drive

The original path of The Drive meets the new Arundel Drive (2018, tap to enlarge)

In the 1960s, Fareham wanted to grow fast. Filling in the Maylings Farm estate with houses, shops and a primary school seemed like an easy way to start.

The original Maylings Farm was at the junction of Maylings Farm Road and Miller Drive, near the Jolly Miller pub. The open fields were used to store cattle which would be taken to the market.

Buildings which existed before it was all filled in included East Glory Cottage at the exit to Highlands Road, Maylings House and Maylings Cottage in the north-west corner, Maylands to the north, and the large Uplands property in the north-east corner which became a nursery and then a carehome. There was a driveway broadly following Maylings Farm Road, with Brickfield Cottage half-way along.

Two streams ran across the fields, meeting in the middle and heading under the railway station. Allotments gardens and the recreation ground were at the south end.

The first sign of development which is shown on the map is Leigh Road, which appeared in the 1950s, from Gordon Road to the start of the bend. There were a number of tracks branching off, including one called The Drive, which went under the railway to Puxol Farm. This became the street with the same name, which was extended twice.

The 1965 map shows a gap in the middle of Maylings Farm Road: the section along Morshead Crescent was added a few years later. Its properties initially all had names. The east end of Somervell Drive, Irvine Close, west end of Miller Drive and Saville Gardens were later additions too.

The estate is designated U489.