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This is a small website which has no intention of collecting any more data than it needs. However, well-meaning but overall unhelpful laws dictate that I must outline absolutely every bit of data I touch in great detail, and because you deserve to be assured that I take this seriously, I shall now do that.

This page may be amended as necessary and you are advised to consult it regularly. Your consent is required if you are to continue using this website.

I take accessibility seriously. If you think I can do better, let me know how.


The content of this website is © 2022 20th Century Fareham. While every effort has been made to ensure that all of its data is accurate, history is a difficult subject and evidence is often incomplete and contradictory. The history shared here is provided in good faith but I do not guarantee that there are no errors and I cannot accept liability for any problems or losses which may arise as a result of information provided by this website to yourself or to others. In other words, these stories are shared because you might find them interesting, but you shouldn't use them for anything important.

While the content of this website is all the result of personal research, I do not claim to be an authority on any subject, and what I offer is only a resource for you to consider. I certainly don't claim to speak on behalf of any of my sources, which includes Fareham Library and Hampshire Records Office, both of whom would be happy to help you with your own enquiries.

Historic photos used on this website are based on records that I own or have owned, except where stated otherwise. I don't necessarily claim to be the photographer of each one, although I am of some. If I have stumbled into a copyright issue without realising then please let me know, so that it can be corrected as soon as possible.

The background image used across this website came from SABRE Maps and is used with grateful thanks.

For copyright reasons, you are asked not to publish photos taken from this website. Contact me direct so I can check the source. You are of course welcome to share links to these pages.

Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the domain (referred to as "this website"), when you connect to it directly. If you choose to access this website using somebody else's service, like a proxy server, a search engine service or an archive, then that service may attach its own conditions or behaviours which I cannot take responsibility for.

This website is hosted in and aimed at readers located in the United Kingdom. I do not carry any data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA), however some of the partners named on this page may be based outside of the EEA. Where this happens I expect those partners to operate appropriate safeguards to keep data secure, just as I would do myself.

Data Collected

When emailing me, your are asked for your email address; this is to allow me to reply. Your details will not be passed on. Indeed none of your personal data mentioned on this page will be passed on unless I am required to do so by a court of law or a law enforcement official.

This website has no membership system, so I never ask for any of your profile or login data. The one exception to this is the Guestbook, which is provided by CommentBox, and offers you the option to register with them via another social media profile you own. When you use the Guestbook, your data is handled by CommentBox and any other social media firms you volunteer; your data is not seen by me. Each company's normal privacy policy that you agreed when you joined them will apply, meaning that the public aspects of your profile and your message will be visible if you leave a public comment. You do not need to use the Guestbook if you don't want to.

My server's internal records may keep recent records of IP addresses and their associated countries, page views, browsers and their limitations, operating systems, and sources. This allows me to monitor website usage and identify malicious users.


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When using the Guestbook, cookies may also be set by CommentBox and any other social profile you use. Those cookies are set in line with their policies to allow those facilities to function.

This website does not set tracking cookies for its own use.

All common browsers allow you to refuse these cookies with little action required. There is also the option to set your cookie preferences for this website via the control panel at the bottom of the page.

Cookies are best explained by the website Cookies & You, or by Google's own policy. Please consult your browser's manual or a search engine to see how refuse, remove or ignore cookies - although note that nearly all websites will try to set cookies for you, even if they aren't as honest about it.

Further Information

I may link to other websites as part of the text on the page. You are responsible for reviewing the policies and conditions of those websites, and I may not necessarily endorse their policies or practices.

This website has an identified Data Controlling Officer (DCO). Further details are available upon contact. You have the right to request the information I hold, to correct any mistakes in my records and to request the removal of information in my records, all of which should be sent by email. You will need to provide enough identifying information for me to identify the records in question remembering that me don't collect much personal data (in any sense of the phrase) and therefore you'd need to be pretty specific if we am to identify the record you're referring to. In line with GDPR policy on Subject Access Requests I do not normally charge for a request, but may do so where it is large, time-consuming or repetitive. I may also require proof of identity. Information that has been provided to CommentBox via me can all be removed via the settings (profile) button in the CommentBox app; for full deletion look for the "danger zone" button.

While I make every effort to ensure the data discussed on this page is handled securely and responsibly, I should stress that if an unauthorised user has been known to access or acquire personal data that this website holds, every effort will be made to notify the people affected, as well as notifying any regulator or police body, depending on the nature of the breach, as soon as practically possible. You are again reminded that this website handles very little personal data.

If you are not happy with how your data has been handled, you have the right to contact the supervisory authority for the region in which you live. For the UK this is the Information Commissioner's Office. They will most likely ask whether you have contacted me in the first instance, especially if your circumstance is covered by the paragraph above, and I would encourage you to do so.