A Guide to the Shops of West Street

Rather than list every single shop on the West Street page and everything people could remember about them, I thought it would be easier to list them all here. This list doesn't claim to be exhaustive - it's a combination of stores I can remember, and ones people have told me I've forgotten.

Each listing is from the east end to the west end, because that's the way I usually walk it. The list of current occupiers is correct as of December 2017.

North Side

ShopCurrent PurposeNotes
High Street NewsnewsagentsMrs. Hills' traditional 'corner shop'. Founded 1993, previously Crown Brighter Homes decorators and Fabric House.
XtendhairdressersPreviously Fareham Sight, BIJOU (2010), Fox & Sons, Grandford Carpets & Beds, Three Castles, G D Allan
Fenwicksestate agentPreviously Para Siempre, Direct Spex (2010)
Verelle Hairdressing LtdhairdressersPreviously Keasts toy store, a large toy store which sold pushchairs too. A grand sloping roof has been removed. Used to carry Academy at no 5.
My DentistdentistPreviously Whitecross Dental Care, Stationary Store (2009), Tracy's Furniture Store (1950s-70s) A grand sloping roof has been removed.
Chaplinsestate agentsPreviously Your Move.
vacantPreviously Batchelor & Son chemist.
Tattoo StudiotattooistsPreviously Platinum Tattoo, Hill's greengrocers, Sutton stationers.
vacantPreviously Fareham TV & Audio Centre, AV World. Under both names carried Sony and Pioneer branding. Before that Phillips & Son.
Pearsonsestate agentsPreviously Millbank. Knocked through to next door, which was Davis World Travel.
Church Path (once the BHS back exit)Built 1981, replaced a shop (unknown)
Three JoesrestaurantWas vacant and used to promote Girl Guiding. Built 1981. Previously The Man's Shop/Norman Hyde, Dodges, Now Fashion.
shopping centre entrance (Osborn Mall)Built 1981, on the site of Paragon Hotel, Pyle's Bakery, later Tesco groceries. Refurbishments include 2013. Quietest entrance of the three.
Milletsoutdoors storeBuilt on the site of Weston Hart and Pyle's Alley, before that The Coffee Lounge, Priory.
SpecsaversopticiansKnocked through to former La Senza unit. Previously Stead and Simpson shoes and Conlessa.
Sports DirectsportswearSupermarket unit. Previously Co-Op (2010), Somerfield (2004), Gateway, International Stores, Mac Markets and Macfisheries Food Centre.
Lloyds BankbankPreviously branded Lloyds TSB, F Meyers Ltd dental surgery.
Coffee #1 Previously Room, South Coast Furnishings, FADS, Credit Crunchers.
Rowans Hospicecharity shopPreviously The Framing Centre, F Meyer's greengrocers, Home and Colonial Tea Stores - the advert can still be seen on the wall.
alley to back of shops (Cawte's Place)
British Heart Foundationcharity shopBriefly Cheeky Cow milkshakes, previously Radio Rentals.
La Gallerie Was an optician in 2002.
Debracharity shopPreviously Leeds Permanent Building Society.
Star Nails and BeautybeauticiansPreviously NCH charity shop, Leeds Permanent Building Society and a cleaners.
vacantPreviously La Brioche, Electronequip (1990s)
CoralbookmakersPreviously Cafe Sorento, Going Places travel agent, Corbin's shoe shop.
vacantPreviously Boots Opticians, Oliver's. Approximate location of Forte's. Was re-built with shopping centre extension.
shopping centre entrance (Westbury Mall)Built 1975. Refurbishments include 2013. Previously Harvey's.
Ernest Jonesjewellers 
HSBCbankFollows through to Shopping Centre. Originally Midland Bank.
SantanderbankPreviously Abbey (2010), Abbey National (1980s-2003), Harlequin Cleaners. Snooker Club upstairs.
Hays Traveltravel agentPreviously Hadleigh, Fareham Toy Store, Dyers, Electrone Quip.
Leightons OpticiansopticiansPreviously Quality Seconds clothes, Pickfords Travel, The Compleat Bookshop.
vacantPreviously Early Learning Centre, Compleat Cookshop, Share drug store
Burger Kingfast foodOpened as Wimpy, with Rama hair studios upstairs.
shopping centre entrance (Delme Mall)Built 1975. Refurbishments include 2013. Previously a solicitors, dentist and library here, also Halfords in the 1960s.
Thomas Cooktravel agentsPreviously Harveys, Birkett & Walsh. Had a snooker club upstairs.
HalifaxbankPreviously Currys, Kitchens, SBS, Brutton, Midland Bank - which is now owned by HSBC, and knocked through to Mary Rose, Halfords (1970s-2000s) - who had a shopping centre entrance
Poundlandbudget storePreviously 99p Store, Family Bargains (2012), Woolworths (2008), Savoy House Cinema (1933-1959). Back end was annexed and raised to form Next in Delme Mall. Fondly remembered for its restaurants, chart music and pick 'n' mix.
CEXgamingPreviously Rosebys, Curry's, Harvey's. There was a tobacconist here.
Eden Mobility Previously Stead and Simpson (2011), Shoefayre (2008), SBS European Kitchens, Maynard's sweet shop
WHSmithbookstoreOriginally Woolworths. Part of the Savoy Buildings. Now incorporates Post Office.
GreggsbakeryPreviously Weigh and Save, Snap, Dewhurst butchers, Gadsden. Part of the Savoy Buildings.
NationwidebankPreviously Singer Sewing Machines, Netwears, Chapmans Laundry. Part of the Savoy Buildings.
Westbury Road
Argos Previously Tesco Home & Wear, Victor Value supermarket, originally Green Shield stamp shop, built on site of a house.
Stonescoffee shopPreviously Ronald Wilson (jeweller), Coopers/Bollom, Bata, Share Drug Store, Dorothy Perkins, London Menswear, Zoe Clothing, Celebrations.
McDonald'sfast foodOpened 1985. Previously the grand Embassy Cinema (1938-1983), Alexandra Theatre (1906-1938), Electrical Theatre. Ronald Wilson stood to the left
McColl'snewsagentsPreviously branded Martin's, then H W Bartlett & Son, John Turner Ltd, Lamb & Coleborn.
alley to back of shop/Flying Angel
Rancho SteakhouserestaurantPreviously Halifax, Barclays Bank, post office, and fire station. An alley on the left was called Post Office Place
Noble Hair CompanyhairdressersPreviously Hug jewellers (2010), Ronald Wilson (until 2006), Halfords?
Yoga Junkie Previously Reed, closed around 2011 and then re-used in 2018. A jewellers before that, then King & Power.
vacantPreviously the Post Office (including WHSmith branding before it closed in 2016), The Horse & Groom pub, Temperence Hotel and access to a builder's yard
Naomi Housecharity shopOasis Recruitment upstairs, previously Top Drawer. Originally the site of the White Horse pub.
H&T Pawnbrokers Oasis Recruitment upstairs. Originally the White Horse pub.
Golden ToucharcadePreviously Slot Casino (2010), Playland (2009), Smith and Vospers bakery.
TSBbankPreviously Cheltenham & Gloucester (2013). Approximate location of KFC
Sue Rydercharity shopPreviously Hookies.
Thai Spice  
private alley to Malthouse Lane
Ramze Barber ShophairdressersPreviously Tiffany's, Novello.
vacantPreviously 131-4-Fun, The Money Shop.
The Stubbington Ark Shopcharity shopLocal charity. Previously furniture store.
Speedy Fix Phone Repairsrepair storePreviously London Camera Exchange.
Pizza Gogotakeaway 
La DivabeauticianOriginal Malthouse Lane was about here
Headwaycharity shopPreviously Sweets N Treats, B Tatford Family Butcher.
Fish 'n' MorerestaurantPreviously Whistlers, Deep Blue, B Tatford Family Butcher
Pizza Hut Deliverytake-awayPreviously Santander, Alliance & Leicester, Hardings Family Repository.
Osborn Road South
Abbey ElectricselectronicsPreviously Techno Trade, Coleman's Camping Equipment.
PK's Tattoos PiercingstattooistPreviously Wain's and then Quarton's greengrocers.
Mugshotcoffee shopPreviously Farm Forest & Sea, P&S Cripps Fishmongers (1916 - 2013)
SkoolkitchildrenswearMoved here from Trinity Street. Originally Connaught Territorial Army Centre.
Consol Suncentertanning salon 
Tang, Bentley & JacksonsolicitorsPreviously Glanvilles Solicitors
Fareham Swim School Was Pam Purred Pets until 2015, demolished in 2016
Vapouriumvape shopWas HM Hair Design Group, demolished in 2016.
vacantWas Cash Converters. Now looks as if it's divided into two units.
The 157 StoremeanswearPreviously branded One Five Seven.
Sammy DelicatessenPolish foodPreviously Solent Cycles, Cycle Paths (2009), Starmarker Sports
Kens Fried Chickenfast foodPreviously a hotel, and a gas showroom.
Trinity Street
Community Action Fareham Part of Church View House. Rebuilt in 2008 to replace a pub-club, known as (in reverse order): MODA, Pitchers, Daniels, Royal Oak.
Big Pete'stattooistPart of Church View House, opened 2008. Previously Wools.
Craft Crazygift shopPart of Church View House, opened 2008.
The Fareham Galleryart shopPart of Church View House, opened 2008.
CostcuttersupermarketChurch upstairs. Building built in the 1960s, originally McIlroys department store. Later Heli-Beds, Classic Carpets, Jendenink Craftworks. Previously the King's Head pub.
vacantPreviously Trussel Trust Furniture Shop, Mckintosh Funeral Directors, Ideal Kit electronics, Deborah's and Solent Mobility Centre, originally McIlroys department store. Church upstairs.
Cafe Imbizocoffee shopPreviously Tino's Coffee House, Classic Carpets and Techno Trade - a huge electronics store. Church upstairs. Building built in the 1960s to house Pricerite supermarket.
Fareham Community ChurchchurchAccess to upstairs. Building built in the 1960s to house Pricerite supermarket. Before that there was a row of shops here, including Mrs Jemmet's sweet shop.
South Coast ApplianceselectronicsPart of Portsdown House. Previously (in reverse-order): Techno Trade, McIlyroy's, Dodge City, Pricerite supermarket.
Lisa Edwardsdress shopPreviously ...by Lisa Marie, Bathroom World (2011), Bastins Schoolwear (2009). Part of Portsdown House.
Portsdown House access and alley to Russel Place
Smart CuthairdressersPreviously Excellent Cut, Digital Piano Showroom, then part of Kimbers.
When I Grow Up Previously Kimbers Keyboards & Musical Instruments.
Garden Shed Cafecoffee shopPreviously The Hayward Studio.
alley to back of shops
Domino's Pizzatake-awayOriginally a hotel?
CrumblejackrestaurantPreviously JoJo Gelato, LJ Chinese Restaurant, Jefferys Furniture Store
Golden BoatrestaurantSecond-oldest Chinese Restaurant in town, the first being in Portland Street. Previously The Cresta Run Coffee Bar, popular with teenagers. Approximate site of Reynald's wallpaper and Arlington's Nursing Home. Current building built in the 1970s.
SDM Coffee House and Design Previously branded Printing.Com
SwintoninsurancePreviously Colonnade (2010), Equity (2009), Barclays
vacantThackeray House. Previously YMCA, the Job Centre.
Orchid Thai Massage & SpaspaPreviously Marked & Sparkling.
N&SnewsagentsPreviously Pyramid News, Bizzleys. Rama hair stuido was originally upstairs.
HelpboxcomputingPreviously Fareham PC Centre, The Kleen Machine, Ian Beauty Solutions, Pearsons, Glazer estate agents.
Praills Opticiansopticians 
Occasionsdress shopPreviously Lydia Rose, Access Key & Lock, CentreSecurity locksmiths
alley to Derlyn Road
Town Cuthairdressers 
Cafe Ethoscoffee shopPreviously West Street Dental Clinic (2010), SBK Estate Agents.
The Childrens House Previously The White Cockade restaurant.

South Side

ShopCurrent PurposeNotes
JMS Financial Consultancy Upstairs. Previously FPR Tech, Addecco.
Buzz Recruitmentrecruitment agencyPreviously Holmes and Company
Fox & Sonsestate agentsBuilt on the site of Righton & Bennett MOT garage.
alley to back of shopsOffices upstairs.
CackleberrysbarPreviously La Saletta
Whitesestate agentsPreviously Thomas Bushell, Barons, Leppards, Walker Waterer, Helleyers Coaches
Adelaide Place
Ask Italian Previously Butler & Cooke estate agents, Friday Ad.
alley to new Tesco road
RBSbankSite of the Kings Arms pub.
Tenant Networkrecruitment agencyPreviously Hampshire Feature Fires, Designer Kitchens. Site of the Kings Arms pub.
British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electricalcharity shopPreviously Courts
Antonio'srestaurantPreviously The Braemar Grill
Cubitt & Westestate agents 
Leadersestate agents 
Tiffins and ThalisrestaurantPreviously Cafe Tusk, before that GA Days builder's yard (1990s), Radfords (1960s), H Clark ironmonger. The Solent Club, which moved from a snooker club to a nightclub, was upstairs and closed after arson.
Quay Street
The IronmasterpubPreviously The Tavern, The Market Tavern, Whitbread, The Brass Monkey, The Bugle. Knocked through to next door.
alley to back of shop (Hewlett Court)
Stephens BarbershairdressersPreviously Multivision.
IcelandsupermarketBuilt 2006 on the site of a car park. Before that Hinxman's garage, later Sergeants Cafe.
SupercutshairdressersRough location of Gabbies burger bar, later West Street Arcade.
The Crownpub-restaurantA Wetherspoons brand. Formerly The Crown Brewery (1840s), The Crown Inn (1900s).
NailzbeauticianPreviously Tresmonds hairdressers, West Street Arcade (late 1980s).
Bealsestate agentsPreviously Manpower, which is now in Church Path.
NatwestbankOriginally the Market Hall / St Peter and St Paul's Parish Hall, Market House court. Previously Provincial Bank, National Westminster.
Cafe Nerocoffee shopPart of Market Quay development (2005). Site of Price's School? And the fire station. Previously Woolwich here.
KungfurestaurantPart of Market Quay development (2005), first leased to JJB Sport. Original fire station.
Cremer MallOutdoor shopping street, built 2005. Opposite the grandstand. Originally entrance to the cattle market, then toilets and a café were built here (2002).
The Slug and Lettucepub-restaurantPreviously Vangard. Part of Market Quay development (2005). Before that there was a sports shop.
United Reform Churchpub-restaurantOccupied by The Vangard, now Slug and Lettuce. Before that it was a soup kitchen, then the Congregational Church.
delivery yardPreviously NCP car parking (1980s), cattle auction access (1920s)
Goodman & StreatsolicitorsPortland Hall (Portland Chambers). Previously branded Warner Goodman & Streat and Warner's. Previously TSB, the Lecture Building, Town Hall, Corn Exchange, Portland Hall, a post office, Trustee Savings Bank, Portsmouth Savings Bank, UDC offices.
Willows FurniturefurniturePart of Portland Hall. Flower sales outside. Built 1835 to symbolise Fareham.
delivery yardLocation of Portland Street
TK MaxxclothingPart of Market Quay development (2005), previously a car park, originally Hants & Dorset and Southdown bus station (until 1992), Thackeray Cottage (until 1931).
WilkosupermarketPart of Market Quay development (2005), previously a car park, originally Hants & Dorset and Southdown bus station. Used to be branded Wilkinsons.
BetfredbookmarkersPart of Market Quay development (2005), previously car parking, originally the site of a Wesleyan chapel.
Robert DyasoutdoorsPart of the Market Quay development (2005), previously market space
Harper WayTaxi rank. Built 2005. Rough location of Savon.
Westbury Manormuseum and coffee shopPreviously Fareham Urban District council offices (1932-1972), before that the town workhouse. There was a Southern Electricity Showroom on the corner (later estate agents).
Hartlands Road
Every Cloudvape shopOriginally Southern Evening News, then an office for The News.
A-Plan InsuranceinsurancePreviously Olan Mills Family Portraits (2008), Betfred (2005), Fareham Carpet Centre.
Andrew Smith Salon Previously Capelli, Murray's Meanswear, Pines.
Spin CityarcadePreviously Cheque Centre, Korda Coiffeur.
Age UKcharity shopPreviously branded Help The Aged.
MegabetbookmakersPreviously Ladbrokes, Baxters.
The Lord Arthur Leepub-restaurantA Wetherspoons brand.
vacantPreviously Fast Tan. Part of Chequers House, was demolished in the 1960s. Once a three-storey Cooperative, with fabrics and electricals downstairs, clothes and furniture on the second floor, and a café upstairs. After that a gym.
vacantPreviously Cassino. Part of Chequers House. Once a three-storey Cooperative, with fabrics and electricals downstairs, clothes and furniture on the second floor, and a café upstairs. After that a gym.
LemongrassrestaurantPreviously Naz, before that Tung Sing.
Rainbowcharity shopPreviously www.blindintuition.com (2010), The Well Christian Shop, Christian Books and Gifts and coffee shop, Franks Café, Fareham Camera Centre.
vacantPreviously Hampshire Sewing Centre, Wools?
Fareham Wellbeing Centre Prevously Spotlight (2010)
Papa John'stake-awayPreviously Kallkwik, and a shoe repair shop.
Kings RoadOriginally home to Maria's Café, Norman's barbers and Dorothy Grace florists.
Snuffles Dog Grooming Previously Alterations. Part of Foresters' Hall.
Heathen Chemistry Recordsrecord storePreviously Gadget Repair Specialists, Tkuk, Park Place. Part of Foresters' Hall, once owned by Birks.
The Bridal Suitedress shopPart of Foresters' Hall.
BirksfurniturePart of Foresters' Hall. Knocked through to next door.
La OrientrestaurantPreviously E Birks Ltd, with Dragon Palace upstairs.
Charcoal Grilltake-awayPreviously Bodrum.
99p Storebudget storePreviously Zodiac Cash & Carry. Formerly a Cooperative, this one sold groceries, then Comet.
Holy Trinity Churchchurch and war memorial 
alley to back of shops
Canton ExpressrestaurantPreviously The Pizza Place, Little Caesars Pizza, church hall.
Oasis Convenience StorenewsagentsPreviously church hall.
vacantPreviously Swinton - they moved over the road, previously Southern Evening Echo, Wimpy Bar, church hall.
vacantOnce a florist, it's on the site of the church hall.
vacantPreviously church hall.
vacantOnce a ladieswear shop.
Rawsons The Floristflorist 
Nail Creationbeautician 
In With The In Crowdclothing store 
Lisa Edwardshairdressers 
The Boutique Haberdashery Previously Sarah Jayne, Grandford Carpet Mills, Fareham Art Gallery.
Legacy 4 Life Previously The Boutique Woolery, Simon's Barber Shop.
Fareham Sewing Machines  
Mac Shack Previously Fareham PC Centre, The Door Store.
Vintage Tea Roomstea roomsPreviously Antiques of Fareham, Quickstitch.
The English Cutting Companyhairdressers 
Wedding Mai DesignhairdressersPreviously Steve Ellis Hairdressing, Kitchen & Bathrooms, Katie-Anns
4u2brewwine-makingPreviously Harvey Homebrew
The CorrianderrestaurantPreviously Rahuls Takeaway.
Chris Gage Hairdressinghairdressers 
Rovers Fishing TacklefisheryKnocked through to next door. Previously Beaumonts, Shirtking.
Solent Diabetes Associationcharity shop 
Fareham Fireplacesfireplaces 
Oxfam Books & Musiccharity shop 
Indian Cottage RestaurantrestaurantPreviously the notorious Star of Bengal?
AnapumatakeawayPreviously Perfect Pizza.
Cartridge Worldcomputing 
EnvyhairdressersPreviously Curran Insurance Brokers.
Judylou Cakes Previously Kree-ate-a-Cake, Abbey Electrics.
Brown's Coffee Housecoffee shopPreviously Kraftea Coffee, A Touch Of Class, Lloyds bank.
Table Mannerstea roomPreviously Flowers By Lucy, Fareham Nets, Rice Scholes and Blake solicitors.
Grove Care Group Previously Millards, L S Vail estate agent.
Crescent Road
Spoilt Rotten Workshop Previously a yard for Glider Coaches
alley to autocentres
private housePreviously a yard for Glider Coaches
Traditional Fish & Chipstake-awayPreviously Jack's Fish & Chips, W Hansons' fish and chips.
Hargroves Cyclesbike shop 
Sea Of SpicerestaurantPreviously branded New Spice Indian Restaurant.
Scientific Services (Paisley) Ltd Previously Bunce's Model shop.